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The Grand Canyon & Bryce Canyon tour combines two ground tours with air travel to each destination. Flying out of Las Vegas on an air-conditioned twin engine turbo with two pilots, you will see Valley of Fire State Park and Zion National Park displaying their beauty.

Upon arriving a van will take you to breakfast at Ruby’s Cafe then you will continue on to Bryce Canyon. There will be many stops to photograph the eroding sand cliffs that create spiraling towers of multi-colored sand. These rock formations are known as “hoo doos.”

The tour continues by transporting you to the Grand Canyon by plane. This is a tremendously beautiful flight with the giant Grand Canyon scenery. Upon arrival at the South Rim a bus will take you to the most popular rim view points know as the Yavapai area. One stop includes the look out that shows the deepest point within the canyon. Lunch will follow then a visit to Bright Angel Lodge to see the Grand Canyon Village shops. This tour last approximately 11 hours making the return time to your hotel 5:00 p.m. (summer) and 6:00 p.m. (winter).

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